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Blogging Your Best Marketing Asset


These days everyone and everything has a blog – it’s an integral part of an online presence. Blogs can be valuable marketing assets for businesses large and small – they are easy to create and maintain, and offer all sorts of benefits. In this article, we take a look at what blogging can do for you, and how you can do blogging, in more detail. Blogging has evolved from its rudimentary beginnings (when the internet was still in its infancy) as a sort of online journal to become a ubiquitous platform that provides a voice for not only writers but companies, organizations, products and even cute animals. As a marketing tool, blogging can be one of your greatest assets.

For a start, blogs are great for the SEO of your website. They ensure fresh, regularly updated content – which Google and other search engines love. Each blog can also give you an extra indexed page on your site, increasing your chances of ranking in searches. Within the blogs there are opportunities to highlight keywords, further bolstering your SEO strategy. At the end of the day, it is about drawing more traffic to your website, the underlying aim of any inbound marketing tactics.

Visitors will land on your site via your blogs – especially if the content is informative and relevant. While you can, of course, promote your services and products in a hard-sell, direct manner on your blog, many companies find it more effective to take a softer, more indirect approach. This means that they publish blogs which meet visitors’ information needs and then work to convert those visitors into leads by offering added extras like free eBooks or other perks.

From there, more direct marketing can take place. We often encounter the terms top, middle and bottom of funnel – these refer to the level of “sell” a blog or other text is doing, with the top being the broadest and most general. You can think of it as thought leader stuff; material that engages readers and piques their interest – getting them thinking about the services or goods on offer in a roundabout fashion.

Having a blog can lend your company credibility, positioning you as a source of authority in your field. If it is a really good blog, you might even get media practitioners or people looking for experts approaching you for comment and advice; this can mean publicity gains.

Another way in which blogging can be an asset for your business is through the generation of content for your social media platforms – every time you post a new blog, you can spread the word through Facebook, Twitter and so on. These posts have a lot more substance and tend to get better reach and interaction than generic posts that don’t provide a strong link to your website.

Blogging can be done in-house or easily outsourced – many companies offer professional services as part of a marketing package. It tends to be affordable and is a worthwhile investment in your business. The East Rand Chamber of Commerce can help with your blogging aims – contact www.hublink.co.za to find out more.

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